The Pitfalls of Avoiding New Technology

The Pitfalls of Avoiding New TechnologyAs we meet with potential clients, big or small, we are often teaching them what it means to be mobile first and how to communicate electronically with their non-desk and hourly employees. Some clients embrace the change, while others are hesitant.

Implementing a mobile first solution is outside of their comfort zone … an engagement utilizing a SaaS architecture takes less than 30 days to set up from start to finish. The bulk of our time is dedicated to the change management and client success activities which are present with any technology implementation.

A guest post by Jonathan Erwin, Red e App’s founder and CEO, speaks to this topic on Wired magazine’s Innovation Insights blog, The Pitfalls of Avoiding New Technology.

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#MobileChat No. 85 with Markr

markrappWe all know the old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, the idea of telling stories and sharing historical narrative through graphical representations is as old as humanity.

I often jokingly explain to people that the first Instagramers were in fact cavemen. The desire to share information through images isn’t new; the medium of mobile is, and Markr is hoping to capitalize on the rapid new trend of mobile photography.

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Doctors learn to give up faxes by embracing mobile

Doctors Learn to Give Up FaxesRed e App customer, Quality Independent Physicians (QIP), is featured in an Information Week article detailing how the accountable care organization improved patient follow-up rates by saying goodbye to faxing and hello to a smartphone app for doctors.

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#MobileChat No. 84 with iTriage

Imagine experiencing chest pain when you’re out of town. You’re scared and realize you have no time to waste, but you don’t have a clue where you could possibly go for help. What would you do?

That’s exactly what happened to Scott Tooker. He was fortunate to have the iTriage app on his phone and he credits it with saving his life. Take a look at his story here.

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Unrest in the workforce raises opportunities for employee activists

Weber Shandwick and KRC Research released a report this week on Employees Rising: Seizing the Opportunity in Employee Activism. The report reveals that employee engagement is central to company success and is the underlying foundation for high-performing companies. Yet to prepare for the future workforce, employers will need to build upon engagement and embrace employee activism.

Employee activists make their engagement visible, defend their employers from criticism and act as active advocates, online and off. Many employee activists already exist today. Employers can’t afford to miss the open window of opportunity to lean in and capitalize on this movement.

Unrest in the Workforce

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#MobileChat No. 83 – The State of Mobile Messaging Apps

Don’t we already have enough mobile messaging apps?

I mean, we’ve already got WhatsApp, MessageMe, Tango, Line, GroupMe, WeChat, BBM, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Kik.

But wait, there’s also Voxer, Viber, KakaoTalk, Skype, Line, and now Vine just introduced private messaging capabilities.  To see more, read Hannah Beasley’s great overview of the lengthy and growing list of messaging apps.

Mobile Messaging Wars

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#MobileChat No. 82 with Refresh

We’ve all been there. The awkward social event. Lots of people we don’t know, yet we want to connect with someone and talk about more than just the weather or a broad conversation about our NCAA bracket that is already busted. What would happen if you knew not only a person’s favorite sports team but also their latest blog post or social interaction with others that you follow?

That’s what Refresh is working on.  Refresh is the only mobile application that connects the dots between profiles, photos, statuses and events across social networks to deliver a complete dossier about the people you actually meet in real life – so that you don’t have to.

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Use internal communication analytics to build your dream team

USA Dream Team

USA 1992 Dream Team, photo: Sports Illustrated

Great organizations are always trying to identify top performers. Who is making the most sales? Who is providing the best customer service? Who is running the most efficient production line? Who is the best at what they do?

After identifying top performers in a given role, it is common practice to review the methods, practices, and habits of these employees to identify the key activities that make them so successful. As Marcus Buckingham in writes in his book First, Break all the Rules, “You cannot learn very much about excellence from studying failure.” These findings are then applied across the organization, with the hope of making all employees more successful.

Your internal communications efforts can benefit from a similar approach.

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Using mobile to retain staff, improve customer service

Using mobile to retain staff, improve customer serviceRestaurant owners and operators are taking notice of the potential of mobile communication. They recognize that most of their employees are mobile-centric, while a significant portion are millennial, and the importance of using methods most familiar to their employees to ensure engagement.

Red e App’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Erwin, published a guest blog post to on this very timely topic, Using mobile to retain staff, improve customer service.

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#MobileChat No. 81 – The Digital Behaviors of Millennials and Boomers

The tweet chat called #MobileChat has for nearly 2 years covered topics ranging from new mobile apps, mobile marketing strategy, and the continuing revolutionary shift towards a connected and mobile planet. One topic we haven’t covered specifically is how varying age demographics utilize the new digital world.

Millennials and boomers represent almost half of the US demographic, 77 million in fact in each generation segment. That’s a huge opportunity and challenge for brands and businesses seeking to engage 2 vastly different generations – one who has adopted tech and one that was born into it.

population by generation

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