#MobileChat No. 97 with Alex Frommeyer

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog post from fellow Louisville tech entrepreneur, Alex Frommeyer, about the security concerns that many are and will have about handing over their personal data to the internet machine. Once I finished reading the blog post, I knew we had to chat about this on #MobileChat.

Why? Because if the 20th century was about “electrifying all the things”, then the 21st century will surely to be about “interneting all the things.”

In other words, how can all the hardware that has been connected to the electrical grid like refrigerators, stoves, and televisions, also be connected to the informational grid?


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#MobileChat No. 96 with Mynd

Mynd Home ScreenAt Red e App, we are always looking for technology that makes our lives simpler and more efficient. In my search for a better calendar app a few months ago, I discovered Mynd. This visually stunning and incredibly functional app has been a part of my daily work life ever since.

Mynd is self-described in the app store as “an intelligent mobile calendar and time management solution designed for busy people on the go.” I couldn’t agree more. Setup time is minimal because Mynd integrates with my existing calendars, profiles, contacts, and notes.

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#MobileChat No. 95: Apps you can’t live without

[UPDATE: View the Apps You Can't Live Without Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

Benedict Evans recently authored a post on the “Phases in mobile”, outlining the 7-year phases that have marked mobile technology development. His post concludes with Apple’s recent release: “Apps We Can’t Live Without.”

This powerful, five-minute video paints a picture of how apps have radically impacted the way many of us live, work, and play.

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#MobileChat No. 94 with Kik

[UPDATE: View the Kik Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

There are what I would call “sometimes” apps and then there are “everyday” apps.

“Sometimes” apps are those you use maybe a few times a week or month. For me, that would be my fitness app to track weekly exercise, a few banking and payment apps, and airline specific apps for travel.

“Everyday” apps are the ones you have in your dock on your smartphone and more often than not are used multiple times a day. For me, those would be the apps I have for email, calendar, and most definitely various mobile messaging apps.

Kik, the next guest of #MobileChat, is without a doubt an “everyday” app for more than 100 million people.  And those people send and receive millions of messages, videos, links, and now phone calls every single day.

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Overcoming 4 big challenges of managing remote employees

Business News DailyAccording to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, working remotely has increased by 80% from 2005 to 2012, and with good reason, a Stanford study shows that home working leads to a 13% increase in worker performance. Better performance does not mean that there aren’t challenges to manage with a remote workforce though. For instance, the study does not measure morale and connection to other employees, which can hurt collaboration and company culture.

Jonathan Erwin, Red e App’s CEO, provided  insight to BusinessNewsDaily on how to tackle some of the challenges that come with managing a remote workforce.

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#MobileChat No. 93 – The World Cup Gone Mobile

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The world has had its eye on the World Cup for almost 2 weeks.  That’s not news to anyone.

What’s most  interesting to me though is both HOW and WHERE the world is watching… and of course mobile is playing a big part.

In fact, I used a fairly new mobile app to get direct feedback if people were in fact watching the World Cup while at work. The stats may surprise you.

BUT, the picture that has been the most revealing about the power of the internet and continuing global mobile revolution is of  several men watching a World Cup match at a camel market in Daba near Tabuk (photo credit: June 18, 2014. REUTERS/Mohamed Alhwaity). If this picture doesn’t exemplify the reality that mobile technology is a disruptive force in the world, I don’t know what does.

world cup watching

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#MobileChat No. 92 with Ghostruck

[UPDATE: View the Ghostruck Storify  for a recap of the live Q&A]

I have moved nearly 20 times since leaving home after graduating high school. From changing multiple apartments during college and grad school, to moving to Russia and returning back to the states three  years later, I can say with experience that there has always been one thing about moving – and especially moving all the “stuff” involved . . .  it sucks.

The next guest of #MobileChat hopes to change the way we move things. Ghostruck aimes to create a movement of DMIY – Don’t Move it Yourself.

How does Ghostruck work? Well, use your mobile device to take a photo, find a mover, and spend your time doing something else besides moving your stuff on your day off.

Ghostruck App

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Consumer quality technology for the enterprise

Enterprise hardwareIf you have worked in an office environment for any amount of time, you have probably been frustrated by the terrible technology you were required to use to get your job done. Just last night, my Target cashier had to step out from behind her computer terminal that looked like an artifact in the Computer History Museum to help me with issues on the card processor.

If you work for a large enterprise, you likely deal with legacy and out-of-date hardware and software daily. Enterprise software tends to be bulky, difficult to use, and light-years behind the UX and UI of modern consumer technology.

Employees may be using older technology in the office, but they are also bringing smartphones/tablets to work every day. Most of them have devices that are less than two years old, with operating systems that are updated quarterly. The technology your employees use in their personal lives is often the latest and greatest – and they have come to expect that from their employer.

How does the technology discrepancy affect enterprises?

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#MobileChat No. 91: The Mobile Health Revolution

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Join us Wednesday, June 11th as we chat about the state of wearable/ingestible tech and the mobile health revolution.

Companies see something big on the horizon in wearable technology. Established companies are investing: Google has Google Glass, Samsung has one of the most advanced smart watches on the market, and all signs point toward Apple joining in.

New companies are jumping into the fray as well: Fitbit has become a leader in the wearable tech market, Pebble was able to crowdfund millions and is a thriving company now, and Misfit is keeping things fashionable with Shine.

Wearable tech is poised to explode according to IDC research. In 2014 around 19 million wearable computing devices will ship. In 2018, that number is expected to be nearly 112 million. So who will win? Only time will tell.

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From Turnover to Millennial Learning: Mobile’s Impact on the Recruitment Field

Mobile’s Impact on the Recruitment FieldAs teleworking increases at organizations and technology evolves, communication challenges typically arise. How do companies adjust their communications and recruiting practices to keep up with the technology shift towards mobile?

Patrick Goodman, Red e App’s Product Director, provided his insight to Recruiter.com to help their readers understand more about the significance of mobile on the recruitment field. Read the article to discover Patrick’s perspective on the impact of mobile on recruitment, turnover and even learning capabilities of today’s top talent.

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