Red e App was celebrated for its hotness at EnterpriseCorp’s 2012 Hot Dozen Showcase on Monday evening (October 1, 2012). The event honored the “hottest” fresh and new entrepreneurial businesses in Louisville.

Pictured on the right are (from left) our CEO and Founder Jonathan Erwin, Patrick Goodman (Red e App Product and Engagement Lead), and myself.

Red e App’s ability to allow employers to communicate with their non-desk workers really is a hot, new concept to solve an old, lagging issue. Red e App’s notifications replace unread emails in an employee’s stagnant inbox. We have anticipated the immense benefits and predictable obstacles that have come to be with an increasingly mobile workforce.

While the mobility of employees refers to the BYOD movement (bring your own device), for us, it also focuses on the constant day-to-day, task-to-task, location-to-location mobility that is the service world. The mobility of today’s employees is a strength that should and will be embraced by the business community.

The accolades, not to mention hardware, we received at the 2012 Hot Dozen Showcase are an honor that not only encourages our continual efforts, but validates our optimistic approach to enhancing mobile enterprise communication. Thank you, EnterpriseCorp, and congratulations to our fellow recipients. To be in such company in this innovative town is a privilege in and of itself.

It was a great night for innovation, conversation and cocktails.

Amanda Roehrig
Red e App Apprentice