Mobile people are ‘mobile’ people. This is in fact the core reality of the newly emerging digital and mobile world. People are no longer confined or ‘tethered’ to a desktop computer. Now we can seamlessly remain in constant digital connection via cloud computing and mobile devices which was once limited to only working at the office computer.

LinquetThat’s the good news.  What’s the bad news?

Mobile people sometimes lose things. Have you ever walked off and left your wallet, keys, or phone on the kitchen counter or coffee shop table?  We hate when that happens, right?  To help out, we’ve invited Linquet to be the guest for the next #MobileChat to explain the good news they have for forgetful mobile people.

What’s Linquet? It’s the app that helps you never lose your valuables again.

If you’ve ever lost something and wished there was a way to be alerted when you walked away from your phone, computer or other valuables, then join us Wednesday, May 8th from 9-10pm ET as we chat and do live Q/A with Linquet.  Your phone, wallet, and computer thank you in advance for your attendance.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director