[UPDATE: View the Charmin Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

How do you, … you know … find a clean bathroom when you’re “on the go” (aka mobile)?

Leave it up to one of America’s oldest companies (Proctor and Gamble) to solve the problem of finding clean bathrooms while traveling. How did they do that? They built an app that gathers reviews from real people that vote by a “Sit or Squat” rating.

Who are the brand ambassadors for that kind of app? Charmin Bears of course!

Charmin Sit or Squat

Join us Wednesday, August 14th from 9-10pm ET via Twitter as @Charmin guests on #MobileChat to chat about their app – and why their favorite hashtag is #tweetfromtheseat. This edition of #MobileChat is gonna be the sheet!

Chat more soon – Patrick