Patrick Goodman and Aaron LevieTeam Red e App landed in San Francisco this week to announce our integration and budding relationship with Box! As well as hopping on the happy capital trail – traveled by so many entrepreneurs before us – in search of a quality partner who can appreciate our vision, our team and our path that we are taking … to serve the under served non-desk workers.

Malcom Gladwell Keynote at BoxWorks

Year 3 of BoxWorks showed a tremendous growth story and traction for a technology whose time has come. While there, we met visionary team members and were able to share the Red e App story with key users who fall squarely in our sweet spot of creating deeper engagement, stronger workflow, productivity, and efficiencies for hourly, non-desk and mobile workers.

Oh, and we saw Malcolm Gladwell who wowed a ballroom of 5000 that was at capacity (standing room only) chatting about his new book and sharing his views of disrupters … uh, like us!

Thanks Malcolm! Openness, conscientious, and disagreeable with a sense of urgency … I ate it up!

Then in same day, we hit the money trail where we felt like champs after meeting #1!

Rocky Balboa Champion

And then not so much after meeting #2….


But wait!  There was meeting #3 … back at the hotel with yet another secure document company who is rocking it …  (Stay tuned for future announcements with a variety of third party secure document cloud storage providers!)  … So we felt like champs again!

Rocky Balboa Champion

So, to recharge from 2.5 days that seemed like two weeks, we took on the challenge of the week:

A run across the Golden Gate Bridge to re-charge the batteries!  Don’t judge me … I like to stretch my runs out so they are properly enjoyed.

Here’s a little snippet for you … Running along the Golden Gate Bridge. See, now you are there with me. And no, my speed was NOT checked by radar. And we were Red e to go again for the second half of our week in San Francisco / Silicon Valley.

Red e to Run (Kentucky Derby)

Red e App continues to wow our own audiences as people hear our story of serving the mobile and dramatically under-served work force – the journey continues tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more Journey Journal entries!

Jonathan Erwin
Founder and CEO