Our customer, Heine Brothers’ Coffee, is featured in the October issue of STORES Magazine, Getting the Message. In the article, Chris Lavenson, Heine Brothers’ Coffee VP of Operations, details the many benefits they are experiencing after implementing Red e App.

Heine Brothers CoffeeHeine Brothers’ turned to Red e App, a real-time private mobile messaging platform that offers retailers a way to communicate directly and effectively with employees, giving them the information to provide better customer service and increase sales. Instead of hoping that employees check their e-mail before punching the clock, Heine Brothers sends messages and notifications through Red e App. The company “just got better responses,” Lavenson says. “People were really getting the messages.”

Heine Brothers’ saw almost immediate results. Lavenson says being able to confirm that someone received a message allows them to determine if a lack of action is either due to not getting the message or simple non-compliance. Analytics and tracking information help them continually measure and improve the performance of their communications.

In one example, Heine Brothers’ had a change in their company health insurance policy that required every employee to resubmit an application by a certain deadline. Numerous long e-mails to employees had gone unanswered, but when the company “pushed” messages to employees’ smartphones, they got almost instant cooperation.

Read the full article at Getting the Message.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director