We are often asked by clients, colleagues, and friends on Sprint and Verizon … why can’t I access an app while I’m on a voice call? For instance, “while on a voice call, can I use Google Maps or CNN?”

The simple answer is that Sprint and Verizon do not allow voice and data to be accessed simultaneously unless you are connected to Wi-fi.  The reasons are fairly technical and relate to Sprint and Verizon’s CDMA network technology.

AT&T and T-Mobile do allow concurrent access to both voice and data. You can be on a voice call and access apps such as LinkedIn, The Weather Channel, and SportsCenter.

Here’s a visual representation of what we call The Connectivity Cocktail:

The Connectivity Cocktail by Red e App

We also often explain why Red e App lives in the data stream, versus voice … security, compliance, and measurement. The data stream allows us to encrypt messaging in-transit and at-rest.

Messages sent and received via text or SMS, are neither secure or compliant. We are also able to guarantee and track delivery of messaging in the data stream.