act local marketingRed e App’s own Patrick Goodman had the honor of being the most recent guest on Act Local Marketing’s Podcast. As the leader of the product team and client engagement efforts at Red e App, Patrick was the right person to have a conversation with Kalynn Amadio about mobile technology and how it affects the small business.

“Mobile is revolutionary. What the printing press was for the Enlightenment, that is what mobile is going to be for our generation and the next generation.”  

Mobile matters to small businesses because mobile marketing puts a human face on the brand. Social and local mobile marketing drive customers into a store based on explicit (social shares) and non-explicit (advertising) referrals. Mobile can decrease the costs of obtaining a new customer while also connecting to existing customers.

Listen to Patrick’s podcast for more insight into how mobile is changing small business and the best way to use it.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director