[UPDATE: View the Chris Soukup Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

As digital and mobile technologies continue to spread globally, cultural barriers and lack of connection continue to be removed. In other words, people and communities are communicating better, and in my opinion, that is always a great thing. In fact, my love of both communication and building technology to enable others to connect is why I’m so passionate about the work we’re doing with Red e App.

Another company committed to creating software to empower more effective communication is CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.). Their mission? To change how deaf people communicate and interact with the world.


I first heard of the company a few weeks ago from a former guest of #MobileChat and when I saw what CSD is creating, I knew they would be an amazing guest. To help us learn more about the company, we’ve asked CSD’s incoming CEO, Chris Soukup, to chat with us about the rich legacy of the company as well as the current technologies they are developing for the deaf community.

Join us Wednesday, May 28th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we do live Q/A with Chris. We will learn about the unique communication needs of the deaf community and how CSD is meeting the challenge.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman