cedar point mobileWork teams which have high levels of inclusion outperform others by 8:1, and if just 10% more employees feel included the company will increase work attendance by almost one day per year per employee according to Deloitte. Given its importance, what can companies do to help their employees feel included?

Jonathan Erwin, Red e App’s CEO, provided  insight to Nashinsurance.com on how surveys can help help engage employees make them feel more included in the day to day operations of the company.

Beyond just giving employees a voice, leadership gets to take a real look at how its staff works. Surveying employees “gives you insight into their engagement, which is a combination of trust, satisfaction, commitment and motivation,” says Jonathan Erwin, CEO of Red e App. He says he likes that surveys can be done anonymously, which encourages honesty and candor.

Jonathan also gives advice on some best practices when implementing surveys.


“A survey needs to begin with the goal/objective of collecting the data. All questions should support that goal,” Erwin says. He cautions not to make the survey too long. If it’s time-intensive, the response rate may be too low.

Your action plan should have clear expectations, assignments and timelines associated with them, Erwin says. He recommends holding yourself and the staff accountable for implementing changes. And HR should be ready to coach them along the way. “Don’t expect overnight success without some assistance.”

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