We know that managing your monthly data usage can be difficult, so it’s a priority that our mobile app uses as little data as possible.

First and foremost, when Red e App is not open and in the ‘background’ on your phone, it is not using data. The data usage occurs when you open the app to read new messages and view attachments or video.

So how much data does Red e App use?

Message App

For reference, average data usage by application:
  • 60 MB: 1 hour of music streaming
  • 90 MB: 1 hour of Facebook browsing
  • 350 MB: 1 hour of video streaming

For more info on data usage by application, check out Verizon’s Data Calculator.

As you can see, Red e App’s data usage isn’t much compared to frequently used apps and services.

That said, we recommend that you join Wifi networks when available, especially at home or at work. Connecting to Wifi is seamless (no cords required), is a faster connection and reduces your data usage.