Are you as curious as we are about hourly workers?

We’ve talked to many communications, HR and operations managers who struggle to reach and/or measure the messages they are sending to their non-desk employees.  We wondered … How do hourly workers want to receive communications? Are their behaviors shifting towards mobile? Are companies using personal email and texting to send secure materials?

We searched the internet treasure troves and came up empty-handed so we enlisted the experts … Edison Research. We partnered with Edison to conduct the first-ever, quantitative survey of hourly workers. Download the free report.

Because listening and watching is so much more convenient than reading these days, Tom Webster (VP at Edison) and Jonathan Erwin (Red e App CEO) are hosting a free webinar on Dec 10 to review the survey results in detail and provide insights.

The weather is perfect for a fireside chat with two handsome fellas. Pull up a seat.

Hourly Workers are Connected and Tech-savvy