Red e App is built to connect a workforce that’s on the floor, in the field, and everywhere in between. And while mobile accessibility is our bread and butter, we’ve designed Red e App so it works for every employee – even those who don’t have a smartphone, or prefer to receive their messages on a desktop computer.

Introducing Red e Web 3.0 – a fresh take on a cool classic

Red e Web 3.0 is an upgraded web companion to Red e App. We’ve created an employee experience that transitions seamlessly between mobile and web devices alike.

The desktop app further bridges the communications gap between desktop and non-desk employees. All employees in an organization can be connected to company announcements and documents via our mobile app and the web app.

The best part? Red e Web requires no training since it’s packed full of the same mobile features employees love and already know how to use.

If you’re ready to see how Red e App can connect every employee while increasing engagement and productivity, chat with us today.