In a recent webinar hosted by Terryberry’s Mike Byam, Jonathan Erwin (Founder and CEO of Red e App) and Tom Webster (Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research) discussed the best ways to engage and communicate with the hourly workforce based on our Hourly Worker Research Study.

Empathetic Approach To Employee
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Better communication and engagement begins with understanding your audience. In most companies, desk-based employees (Communications, HR and Operations leadership) are responsible for communicating to the hourly workforce. But, how well can the desktop employee put themselves in the hearts and shoes of hourly employees?

The larger and more dispersed the company is, the harder it is to have one-on-one interactions with all employees. Topics discussed during the webinar include:

  • The unexpected loyalty of hourly workers
  • The impact of company size, industry, length of service, and education on job satisfaction
  • Technology adoption and use
  • Preferred methods of communication
  • How to cultivate a deeper connection with hourly employees

This webinar will help you be a better communicator by being able to put yourself in the place of your audience.

Don’t have time to watch the webinar? Download the original research.