Our CEO, Jonathan Erwin, recently spoke to CEO-CFO Magazine about a very basic question . . . why would a company purchase Red e App?

Simply speaking, there are 2 billions reasons – that’s the number of hourly and non-desk workers globally. Hourly workers are disconnected from employee communications and we seek to solve this problem.

“With Red e App, there is no way for outside people to communicate into this private  communication channel. It is not collaboration if you will. Collaboration is something that everybody has done for decades. Collaboration is very important for desktop workers, not so much for non-desk workers.

Red e App is a highly managed, highly permissioned, controlled and measured workflow. Companies want to talk to their hourly workers about employee relations, about benefits, about safety, about environmental health and safety. Those are things that they have to get information in the hands of that employee. Then they have to have some kind of measurement about whether or not that employee is connected, compliant or simply engaged.

Once you create that connection, there are many more things that you can do to layer on productivity and workflow for the hourly worker.”

Jonathan also discusses why email is not appropriate for hourly workers, the importance of communicating via mobile, and how to connect hourly workers to operational goals.

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