Many companies send communications to their employees from the company brand. (So, for example Red e App might send a message to its employees that comes from, and signs off as Red e App.) In our experience, this is not a good practice.

We are here to tell you that a message from a manager is going to perform better, and do more to build your company into a positive environment for non-management level employees. It makes sense right?

To: [You]
From: [Company Name]

To: [You]
From: [Manager that you personally know]

You’re more likely to open the latter.

Associating a person to a message can help soften a difficult conversation, make information more relatable, and help make your organization more human. In addition, a manager is a good filter. They can eliminate noise by only passing on information they know is most pertinent to the employee’s job role. 

We even have stats to back it up.

Red e App customer Seminole Gaming gets dramatically better read rates when they send messages via Red e App comes from a human:

  • Read rate when the message is from “Seminole Gaming”: 65%
  • Read rate when the message is from the manager of the employees the message is going to: 90%
  • Read rate when the message is sent directly to one employee from a manager: 97%

MessageAnd it’s not just read rates that we are worrying about: having a poor relationship with your boss is one of the top reasons employees quit. Employees don’t need to be friends with their boss, but they need to have a relationship, which starts with communication.

Even better, direct and open communication leads to a positive and respectful relationship between the boss and employee

Since Seminole Gaming implemented Red e App in September 2014, their property managers and administrators have sent a combined 1.3 million messages with an average open rate of 72%. 

Communication dropped from one of the top three suggestions for improvement in the 2014 survey to the #9 suggestion in their 2016 survey. In addition to the improvement in overall communication, the communication from immediate supervisor  increased by more than 10 points.

Technology like Red e App helps empower managers to communicate more effectively with employees using e a direct method of engagement at their fingertips, in a messaging format that they and their employees are used to.

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