Don’t distract, simply communicate

As consumers we are living in an unprecedented time of electronic exposure providing marketers, spammers, social platforms, banner ads, retailers, family, partners and employers unfettered access to our inboxes, devices, media outlets and desktops. Yes, all at the same time…. But guess what? Most all consumers are also “employees”. If companies invest so heavily and […]

Red e Enterprises: Engage a Distributed Workforce with Real-time Messaging

Use Case Scenario: A national restaurant chain seeks a mobile communication platform to connect with its store managers, marketing teams, and servers to cover schedules and to communicate training, product, specials, logistic coordination and general announcements. Solution: Red e App delivers targeted and high-value messaging via a readily-accessible mobile app framework. Value: Direct, effective, and […]

#MobileChat No. 9 with QuickMobile

Our next guest for #MobileChat is QuickMobile. QuickMobile describes itself as “transforming meetings and events around the world. Whether it’s increasing attendee participation, building loyalty or generating revenue, professionals leverage our mobile solutions to create richer experiences, extending events into year-long conversations and fostering lasting relationships with their audiences.” They’ve helped many large brands with […]