Edwards Moving & Rigging (EMR)

Logistics company operationalizes fleet with Red e App


The Company

Edwards Moving & Rigging (EMR) specializes in providing heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions. They have capitalized on over 50 years of experience to provide intelligent, logistically sound solutions to their clients challenges. Edwards continually develops innovative strategies in the heavy hauling and rigging industry.

The Challenge

In the logistics industry, communication is a critical component of ensuring success for large scale projects. More than half of EMR employees are crew members who do not have company email, which meant important project updates or schedule changes weren’t reaching employees in real-time. EMR needed a secure and simple way to communicate and share documents with their field workers.

"Previously, we had no way to directly send the daily schedule to crew members. Now it’s a quick and easy 5 minute process that reaches the team in one message. When we need to make a change to the schedule, Red e App makes communication easier and more efficient.”
Matt Warren
Accounting Manager

The Solution

Recognizing the need to communicate with their entire workforce, Edwards implemented Red e App to simplify employee messaging, provide critical project updates, and push out daily schedules.

Keys to Success

Engagement = Results

Edwards has sent out nearly 5,000 messages with an 86% read rate, meaning employees are more informed than ever before and the company can take on more business.

Saving Time and Money

With 94% of the workforce subscribed to Red e App, EMR saves time and money by uploading all company documents to Red e App instead of physically printing and distributing each one.

HR Streamlined

Electronically uploading insurance and benefits information onto Red e App has made open enrollment season painless.