Gravely Brewing Co (GBC)

Red e App provides brewery with a platform for streamlined, measured communication


The Company

Gravely Brewing Co (GBC) is the world’s first music brewery – combining the best parts of a craft brewery and live music venue. Their focus on fresh beer and live music demands a strong, onsite workforce.

The Challenge

As a start-up, GBC saw changes happening every single day – from adding new beers, to evolving customer service policies, to updates with end-of-day financial procedures. They lacked a communication solution affording them a unified voice to address changes, communicate schedules, and provide daily updates to a series of shifts & managers alike.

"Our workforce makes the bulk of their wages from tips, so we found ourselves emphasizing an efficient end-of-day financial process. Unfortunately, we couldn’t communicate the proper procedures! This created extra hours of work for our managers every day.”
Nathaniel Gravely

The Solution

Red e App provided GBC with a platform to communicate the ebbs and flows of brewery and service-industry changes in a measured communication channel. Procedures, schedules, and company announcements are now distributed instantly.

Keys to Success

Optimized Scheduling

Optimized scheduling and shift changes in a manager-approved setting; reduces no-shows & ensures full staffing at all times.

Faster Change Management

Sharing knowledge, post-shift, from customer experiences increases efficiency & expedites change management; messages sent through Red e App have a 97%+ read rate

Quick Reference Documents

Employee access to company documents and procedures; staff is equipped to answer customer questions & quickly reference policies

“With Red e App, we no longer have “WTF moments” on the floor. Issues are quickly solved and future issues are prevented seamlessly across our workforce through better communications.”
Nathaniel Gravely