Magna Engineered Glass

Manufacturing company improves operations with real-time communications


The Company

Magna Engineered Glass employs over 600 employees in Holland, Michigan. This plant performs complex window assemblies in the area of hardware bonding and hardware assembly – a critical part of creating flush glass appearances in vehicles.

The Challenge

Nearly all employees at this plant lack company email, making it difficult for supervisors and company leaders to communicate. They also had challenges with excessive paperwork, cluttered bulletin boards, limited 2-way communication, and a bilingual workforce.

Before using Red e App, Magna posted important company communications to bulletin boards and relied on trickle-down messaging from managers. Now they know employees are reading the messages, boasting an impressive 75% read rate with Red e App.

The Solution

Magna’s HR team confirmed that nearly all employees have smartphones (this is consistent with national trends – approx 90%+ of working-age US adults have a smartphone). They deployed Red e App’s platform and were able to streamline communication processes to their most disconnected workforce. These production workers now have real-time access to communications, are able to provide feedback to managers, and have offsite access to important benefits information, policies, and more.

Keys to Success

Job Postings

Employees are notified immediately of openings and can apply for internal job postings by replying to a notification, saving Magna time and money on procedural paperwork.

Bilingual Messaging

Company- wide messages can be sent in multiple languages, breaking down barriers for Magna’s global workforce and ensuring that language barriers don't cause costly production mistakes.

2-Way Communications

Supervisors can communicate with each shift and production group while receiving feedback directly from employees. Team Members can share ideas to improve operations and safety directly with leadership.