Willerby Ltd

Manufacturing company bridges the divide between factory and office workers


The Company

Willerby Ltd is an industry leading manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges. Having been in business for over 70 years, Willerby is also the largest holiday home manufacturer in the UK employing 1,000 employees.

The Challenge

Nearly 80% of Willerby’s 1,000 employees were non-desk, none of which had access to company-provided email for important communications.

Willerby relied on out-of-reach bulletin boards or managers to disseminate company information. Since they operate 24/7, there was an informational gap between their two core shifts making employees feel consistently out-of-the-loop on company communications.

"There was a split between factory and office staff. A bit of a divide if you like. Also the day vs the night shift, you know people didn’t really feel like part of one big organization. We wanted to remove any feeling of kind of an ‘informational hierarchy’. A lot of people felt like they didn’t find out things until, you know, three weeks after it actually happened — that was a big big problem. Not everyone, far from it, had access to e-mail or company phones.”
Chloe Lawford
Marketing & Communications Executive

The Solution

Willerby’s President made improving internal accountability and communications a priority within the company. Implementing Red e App gave the company and team managers direct communication to their workforce, while saving money and resources spent on physical communication tactics.

Keys to Success

Near Miss Reports

Willerby’s able to share invaluable Environmental Health & Safety reporting directly with employees, optimizing best practices and avoiding potential manufacturing accidents.

Digital Library Access

Red e App has given every employee access to a content database containing employee perks, rewards, schedules, and benefits.

Job Postings

New jobs are posted and simultaneously distributed to all employees, giving every worker an equal opportunity for internal advancement.

“Red e App has made it very simple to send out news updates. It’s a quick and easy job, and it immediately goes out to almost a thousand people and that has obviously increased knowledge levels about the business, across the entire business. It also is a big advantage in that it’s helped the shop floor workforce feel part of the wider business, which I believe certainly wasn’t the case before using Red e App.”
Chloe Lawford
Marketing & Communications Executive