Hosparus Sends HIPAA Compliant Messages, Reduces Costs

Case Study

The Company

Hosparus is a fully accredited non-profit hospice organization that provides care, comfort, and counseling for people facing life-limiting illnesses. Hosparus’ mission is to improve the quality of life of its patients and their families, and their vision is to be the premier model for end-of-life care.

The Challenge

Communication timing and quality is of utmost importance in the hospice industry. Without prompt and accurate information, home health workers are inefficient and can make costly, life-altering mistakes. Hosparus needed a HIPAA compliant and intuitive messaging platform to communicate patient care notifications in real-time with its home health nurses.

“Between making calls and driving to the Hosparus headquarters to receive PHI, Red e App saves me at least an hour a day, allowing me to see more patients.”

CNA Hosparus

The Solution

Red e App provided Hosparus with a digital, HIPAA compliant channel that securely connects all corporate employees to nurses who are working in patient homes. With a 98% read rate and 50,000+ messages sent each month, Red e App has become a lifeline for nurses in the field. They can easily coordinate with the corporate office, ask critical questions about care, and securely transmit documents while on-the-go.

Keys to Success


Red e App meets HIPAA safeguard requirements and is compliant as a Business Associate; this ensures employees have a secure platform that is also simple, quick, and intuitive.

HR AutoSync

Automatically updates Hosparus employee records and group communication structure in Red e App, making turnover, job changes, and promotions stress-free.

Cost Savings

With simplified care coordination, administrative overhead has been reduced, and nurses can see more patients per day while reducing overtime hours.

“Red e App allows Hosparus to reduce traditional IT cost and complexity while putting critical and HIPAA-compliant information immediately in the hands of our Hospice Care Givers. The end result is productivity and efficiency that we have not been able to achieve prior to using Red e App.”

Chief Information Officer Hosparus