Here’s why Trilogy employees had to stop saying "I DIDN’T KNOW”

Case Study

The Company

Serving and caring for thousands of assisted living residents is the mission of Trilogy’s workforce. These employees are chefs, cooks, facility managers, PRNs, and CNAs - they DON’T spend their workdays in a cubicle and the vast majority DO NOT have company email. They relied on word of mouth, break room posters, personal email or “trickle down” communication from managers.

The Challenge

This lack of real-time communication resulted in disconnected employees feeling less engaged, leading to lower employee satisfaction scores which impacts operational efficiency, employee turnover, and resident care. With 15,000+ staff members across more than 110 locations, their leadership communications which relied heavily on word of mouth often got lost in transmission. Corporate energies went into costly and time-consuming printed bulletins or in-home mailings that were outdated almost as soon as they were posted. Inefficient, analog communication methods around work schedules and shift coordination led to higher overtime rates, last-minute scrambling to fill shifts, and employee burnout in an industry with already high turnover rates (55-75%).

“Communication is the cornerstone upon which our company’s culture is built. It’s how we share our mission, vision, and values, and how we ensure that our employees know that they are cared for. Red e App is a powerful tool our leadership can use to build relationships with the employees they serve. This leads to higher retention, better care for our residents, and ultimately, a return on our investment.”

Randy Bufford CEO

The Solution

Within months, more than 75% of all Trilogy employees began actively using Red e App. Employees immediately saw how easy it was to gain access to information and communicate with their teams, and how it benefited their daily work. With more than 11,000 employees connected (and more joining each day!) Trilogy has seen 24 consecutive months of growth in adoption. What is the impact of a connected workforce? Meaningful company-wide connection to role/job, management, and company. Automated workforce optimization, development, and management that is now able to be extended out to the entire workforce. Access to job-critical documentation, policy, workflow, and compliance. Unprecedented visibility to company-wide engagement as well as management, location or business unit performance.

Keys to Success

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Red e App meets HIPAA safeguard requirements and is compliant as a Business Associate; this ensures employees have a secure platform that is also simple, quick, and intuitive.

HR AutoSync

Automatically updates Hosparus employee records and group communication structure in Red e App, making turnover, job changes, and promotions stress-free.

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Cost Savings

With simplified care coordination, administrative overhead has been reduced, and nurses can see more patients per day while reducing overtime hours.

"Red e App bridges that gap between a random person who is in charge of all of us and someone who connects to us personally. It’s nice to hear from your direct boss that you otherwise have no contact with. Sometimes it’s just, 'Hey this is happening on campus' or some encouragement, or 'Hey this is changing.' When I started nursing that just didn’t happen. I worked night shift for a long time and I would go a year without seeing my boss and then they would pop up and be like, 'Oh, who are you?' Red e App allows management all the way up to the top to be able to connect to the employees personally."

Ryan Frank Nurse