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Discover how to get 94% adoption by your casino employees.

For many organizations, the non-desk workers continue to be managed using outdated paradigms, even as technology advances abound, Devin Francz talks about the issue with using outdated approaches for modersn dat problems

Dean Francz Training and Engagement manager for Hard Roth Sacramento

In a world that celebrates 50% read rates, you can have 90% or more.

Think of Redeapp as the ultimate enabler of operational communications (ops comms), connecting the front office to the critical middle and most importantly, closing the gap to the non-desk worker where content is controlled from an administrative console and delivered via a mobile app.

Redeapp has been uniquely and specifically built to filter and direct mission-critical information so that the non-desk worker only ever receives information that is secure, private, and pertinent to them.


Why is this important? Knowing that business processes, ops comms, and critical workflow delivered through Redeapp are relevant and work-related, the non-desk worker has a real need to tune in. which leads to a number of measurable benefits and ultimately, a virtuous cycle of engagement. This is why Redeapp has read rates that typically exceed 90%, which is down to its use of big data gathered from across the gaming industry that allows it to &nasally design a highly adaptable and relevant communication infrastructure based on the specific needs of the client


Nationally casino staffing is projected to grow by 10% over the next ten years, are you ready?

Take a growing industry, a complex set of operational requirements, a large non-desk workforce that is disconnected by default, mix in a fast-paced environment and top it off by introducing an unanticipated disruptor of epic proportions Without a keen focus on communication, its a potential recipe for disaster. Ryan summarizes the challenge well.

“Communication is key in general and in life. When you are talking closures, furloughs, and what that means for benefits, people want to know… “when can I come back, what’s the process?”. There are so many questions that team members have, and we have to be able to communicate with them somehow. Many team members who are out don’t have access to email… it’s not effective or efficient to call 20,000 people whenever we have an update”

Meaghan Ryan is VP of Talent and Team Member Relations for SHRSS

Over ten years of research has gone into how to best communicate with the non-desk employee.

Poorly built platforms that act exclusively as a bullhorn for management can be counterproductive. Thoughtful platform designs start with the needs of the employee and are made whole by superior communicators and purposeful messaging. In the case of the casino employee, these needs include on-demand access to critical information. Seemingly simple, but difficult to execute without a dedicated channel supported by an enterprise-class platform that maps content to appropriate groups and users automatically, privately, and securely.

“We went through a temporary closure from the end of March to mid-May, and throughout that time period we continued to send out a sound check every day. We sent out newsletter three times a week. The level of team member engagement [during that time] was super important to us. No one had any idea of when we would reopen. Having that consistency of information was reassuring [for team members]. People knowing that we still cared about them was important.”

Dews Francz. Training and Engagement manager for Hard Rock Sacramento