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Red e App customers save money from using our platform through workflow efficiencies, and we know that if used effectively, Red e App can pay for itself at your organization too.

Our cost is based on the size of your organization and estimated complexity, both from a structured connection standpoint and the nature of your distributed workforce. Pricing is typically equal to a few cents an hour for each of your employees.

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      No devil in these details.

      Our software.

      • Custom organizational branding throughout the app.
      • Enterprise security — 256-bit AES, TLS 1.2 connection encryption, ECDHE RSA Key Exchange Algorithm.
      • Global scale — localized in 12 languages.
      • HR Sync — compatible with most HRMS & Payroll systems.
      • PHI and HIPAA compliant.

      Your success.

      • Dedicated Red e App setup and onboarding implementation teams.
      • Success team training for your administrators, leadership, and management.
      • Custom Red e App coaching and guidance.
      • Deliverables of monthly employee analytics and reports.

      Their support.

      • Phone and email support for all of your employees, provided by Red e App.
      • Tutorials and training videos provided for employees.
      • Zero additional support burden placed on your IT team when using Red e App.

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