Hard Rock Hollywood uses Red e App to stay focused on providing the ultimate customer experience

A Case Study

The Company

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida is a one-stop shop for all entertainment needs. Its 140,000 square foot casino is open 24/7 and includes 2,200+ slots, 90+ table games, and 40+ high stakes poker tables.

There are nine award-winning and signature dining options, 500 guest suites, and a 5,500 seat arena to enjoy live shows. The complete customer experience is of utmost importance at Hard Rock Hollywood, which means things must be running smoothly at all times.

Seminole Hollywood Hard Rock Casino

The Problem

Hard Rock Hollywood’s all-encompassing operation takes a lot of manpower – thousands of employees, all of whom have distinct functions. Hollywood’s wide range of amenities means that the leadership team manages all aspects of the hospitality industry in one place.

To keep operations running at scale requires direct and efficient communications, but most Hollywood employees do not have corporate email, nor do they sit at desks. Simple things such as one-to-one communications, trading shifts, and sharing documents were becoming a pain point, taking time away from Hollywood’s signature customer experience.

Everyone in the company needed to be on the same page, but they weren’t. There was no unified way for corporate to talk to divisions of Hard Rock Hollywood. Messages from human resources were getting lost in the noise and word-of-mouth communication chain. And any communications that were happening could not be verified or measured.

Realizing that communications were the root of many problems they were having, the team sought a solution that was intuitive, affordable, and could:

  • Provide a unified communication channel
  • Distribute documents electronically
  • Remove the bottlenecks in the shift swapping process
  • Measure internal communications
  • Help build a connected culture at Hollywood where employees felt valued

Seminole Gaming Case Study

“Red e App makes our day to day operations more efficient because now we can send out mass messages to all staff members instead of calling each one individually. When we have VIP Champagne Events I just have to send one message to my servers and they can sign up to work them.”

Betty Michaelis  – Assistant Beverage Manager

The Solution

When managing a microcosm of the hospitality industry like Hard Rock Hollywood, corporate employees need to know that operations are running smoothly internally, so that they can focus on giving the customer the best experience possible. Employees need access to information and direct channels that empower them to make decisions and communicate with other team members in real-time. Consistent and predictable operations ensure that the customer always receives the highest quality service in the shortest amount of time.

Hard Rock Hollywood decided that a mobile application was the best way to connect everyone through a unified channel. After weighing the options, the team identified Red e App as the best fit for their needs.

Hard Rock Hollywood uses Red e App to:

Communicate with hourly workers

Managers now have a direct and secure channel to send messages and updates to their workers. Need someone to work overtime because of a party of high rollers? Send out a message to have it covered ASAP.

Allow employees to swap shifts

While managers still have to approve shift swaps, they no longer have to spend time and energy on being the middlemen between negotiating employees. One employee can post a shift coverage request, and a co-worker can pick up the shift.

Distribute human resources information

Announcements, such as open enrollment and training, no longer get lost in the noise, and communicating changes to internal systems can be done instantly. Employees also have access to a document repository.

Send real-time announcements

Car accident holding up traffic on the road to work? Let employees know that they won’t be counted late that day. Want to make sure employees know a big announcement before the media? Send out a document with the details.

Measure and validate internal communications

Reporting subscription rates and read rates for various messages helps Hard Rock Hollywood take a data driven approach to internal communications that were previously immeasurable.

“We have over 700 table games employees to manage, with a large majority who do not have company email. In the past, we had to manually collect email addresses, maintain the database and handle group distribution, which was both time consuming and tedious. Red e App has eased and streamlined the overall process for both our management and front line team members. We now have the ability to communicate with employees instantly, while offering them access to important information that benefits their work lives.”

Shawn Gookins VP Table Games Operations

The Results

After six months, Red e App use at Hard Rock continues to grow. Some key innovative departments, such as VIP Beverage, see a 93% usage rate among employees. As a whole, 4,000 Hard Rock Hollywood employees are using Red e App, with overall statistics including a 96% read rate on one-to-one messages.

Hard Rock Hollywood has been known as an innovator in the gaming industry and continues to show willingness to adapt to change in order to improve the organization. With the adoption of Red e App, communications will be an advantage rather than a pain point, bringing undivided attention of the employees back to the customer for the best experience possible.

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