Connecting Your Entire Healthcare Workforce

Ensure better patient experiences, improved care, and greater compliance

The jobs of most employees in healthcare require them to spend most of their workdays away from a desk — these are the non-desk champions that are the lifeblood of your organization. From your nurses and care staff to your maintenance team and others who work behind the scenes to ensure your success, these deskless workers haven’t traditionally had the same easy access to communication as your employees who work at a desk.

That’s all changed with Red e App, the only platform courageously committed to connecting the healthcare workforce to drive success for your entire organization.


Keep your deskless workforce and their managers seamlessly connected and always up to date with everything they need to know, when they need to know it, right from their mobile devices.

From new training videos to key business changes to health and safety oversight, Red e App helps you conquer the unique obstacles of healthcare’s non-desk battleground.


Ensure compliance, thanks to well-informed employees

You could be at great risk if you aren’t providing your clinical staff with a secure method of accurate, efficient, and clear communications. Red e App empowers every non-desk worker to communicate with the speed and simplicity of text messaging — while ensuring HIPAA compliance by delivering texts, photos, and other media securely with the proper encryptions and protections.

Case Study

Read how one aging care organization saw employee satisfaction scores, productivity, and profit all increase after implementing Red e App.

Expedite patient care on every shift, in every unit

Whether your team is all in a single building, or spread across a region, reaching a staff member in real time provides instant value to every patient. Now, you can notify caregivers instantly with changes to a patient’s health or treatment plan.

With Red e App, you eliminate unnecessary in-home visits and ensure nurses have the most up-to-date information.

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Minimize crisis risk in all situations

Red e App lets you broadcast key alerts to your entire organization, and especially to your non-desk workforce, so everyone is aware of security threats, lockdowns, contamination, and other risks.

By empowering your entire workforce to have reference documents for crisis procedures in their pockets with easy-access files and content, you reach your people who are at work — as well as those who are off-site or at home. You know that everyone knows not to report to work, or what on-site actions to take if a situation is unsafe.

We know healthcare’s communication needs.