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Heal The Passport

The first and only comprehensive solution that is proven to get the whole company back to work and rede for work.

Privacy and security are our priority. Health and safety across the entire company is what our Passport™ delivers

· Employee opt-in
· HIPAA Compliant
· OSHA Compliant
· CDC Compliant

· SOC2 audited environment
· Employee location services only used at work
· Individual employee location is never shared    with employer

· Quickly identifies risk to exposure
· Contain possible COVID exposure quickly and efficiently
· Color-coded Passport functionality identifies who is ready for work
· Daily health self-checks
· Full reporting of health risks
· Ensures documentation and compliance with daily health screenings
· Highly targeted communication to those with risk factors with read rates and accountability

· Allows employees to get back to work safely
· Immediate access to resources, FAQ’s, instructional videos and preparedness
· Automated posting and selection of shifts to ensure the right amount of staff is converting needed work loads
· Mobile form builder and access for operational readiness and data collection and workflows
· Full reporting and company wide visibility to health status, risk and compliance

Why redeapp is different

· The leader in mobile workforce performance
· Provides a proprietary and highly structured corporate directory workflow engine
· Secure, private and relevant connections between employers, managers and employees
· Pertinent resource allocation (documents and video)
· Shift and labor optimization
· Compliant mobile data collection and internal movement
· Deep organizational insights and reporting
· Delivers accessibility, transparency, productivity, efficiency and profitability

Companies need some form of contact tracing

According to direction from the CDC, companies need some type of contact tracing in order to provide a safe work environment. Only with healthepass do you have a choice and flexibility on how you privately and securely track employee health at the work place. Healthepass also fully automates manual processes, unifying data and reporting to achieve organizational safety goals.

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Two proven industry leaders that have transformed their categories

Redeapp in partnership with El Toro joined forces to launch healthepass the first and only fully integrated smart phone contact tracing tool in the United States which provides unparalleled privacy and security.

Heal The Passport

Comprehensive Mobile Data Compliance

No other company offers this level of security and privacy while delivering HIPAA, OSHA and CDC compliant contact tracing.

HIPAA Compliance
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Randall Bufford
“The true test of a partner is how they react when your business faces a crisis. From employee health and safety to crisis management I have had the opportunity to work with this team and observed them deliver time and again. I would highly recommend working with the redeapp team.”

Randy Bufford, Chairman/Founder, Trilogy Health Services