Hosparus Sends HIPAA Compliant Messages while Reducing IT Costs

A Case Study

The Company

Hosparus is a fully accredited non-profit hospice organization that provides care, comfort, and counseling for people facing life-limiting illnesses. Hosparus’ mission is to improve the quality of life of its patients and the patients’ families. Hosparus’ vision is to be the premier model for end-of-life care.

  • 550 employees
  • Cares for more than 5,500 patients and their families each year
  • Operates in in 33 counties in Kentucky and Indiana

The Need

Communication timing and quality is of utmost importance in the hospice industry. Without prompt and accurate information, home health workers are inefficient and can make costly mistakes.

Hosparus needed a HIPAA compliant and intuitive messaging tool to communicate patient care notifications in real-time with its home health nurses.

The Problem

HIPAA compliance makes communication difficult in healthcare organizations. Traditional messaging like texting and email can violate HIPAA if proper security safeguards are not put in place. For example, mobile device-to-device SMS text messages are generally not secure because they lack encryption.

Previously, Hosparus used a basic SMS tool through which they could not send patient PHI (Protected Health Information). They would send a message to a nurse requesting he/she call in to the office to receive details about a patient.

The process led to phone tag between home health nurses, and a need for 3 full time employees dedicated to making and receiving phone calls. In addition, nurses had to physically file a patient’s living will and insurance information in the office. This was a waste of both time and money.

Hospice care is a 24/7 industry, so real-time communication is critical to patient care.

Hosparus sought a solution that:

  • Securely communicates HIPAA compliant protected health information
  • Has 24 hour dedicated customer support
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in a web and mobile application
  • Reduces the need for inbound phone calls
  • Streamlines workflow through an intuitive interface

Nurse visiting patient

“Between making calls and driving to the Hosparus headquarters to receive PHI, Red e App saves me at least an hour a day, allowing me to see more patients every day.”

—CNA | Hosparus

The Solution

Hosparus tested multiple healthcare mobile messaging systems to decide which one would best meet their needs. After a pilot phase with Red e App, they decided it was the best solution for their requirements including Active Directory integration, an administrative portal, and in-depth analytics. Red e App provides Hosparus a digital channel that securely connects all corporate employees to nurses who are working in patient homes.

Red e App’s security features ensure HIPAA compliance for Hosparus. Red e App’s offsite SOC2 data center, AES encryption featuring 256 byte keys, and 16 bytes of “salt” are more than enough to ensure the proper safeguards for PHI.

During the pilot phase, Hosparus saved time and money by using Red e App to perform the following tasks in real-time:

  • Send PHI via mobile messaging: Reducing the time spent with phone tag and on phone calls
  • Messaging analytics: Being able to see read receipts gives the sender peace of mind and encourages accountability
  • Share documents and photos in the app: Saves employees from having to drive into the office to view patient biography, history, and relevant information

“Red e App allows Hosparus to reduce traditional IT cost and complexity while putting critical and HIPAA-compliant information immediately in the hands of our Hospice Care Givers. The end result is productivity and efficiency that we have not been able to achieve prior to using Red e App.”

CIO | Hosparus

The Results

With a 98% read rate and 50,000+ messages per month, it is clear that communications are running smoothly across individuals and departments at Hosparus.

Red e App significantly cut down on time spent driving to the Hosparus office to deliver documents, and eliminated time spent on the phone to relay information that could not be sent via text.

Employee Directory

Find and communicate with employees within the Hosparus network.

HIPAA Compliance

Send and receive PHI via mobile messaging.

Administrative Portal

Provides a real-time employee-to-employee messaging tool to communicate securely and privately.

Active Directory Integration

Automatically updates Hosparus employee records and groups in Red e App. For example, an employee’s job title or location changes, or employee termination.

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