Connecting Your Entire Hospitality Workforce

Ensure better experiences, faster customer service, quality, and streamlined shift changes with our hospitality employee engagement app

Most of your team members spend most of their workday away from a desk — these are the non-desk champions that are the lifeblood of your restaurant, hotel, food and drink service, or any other hospitality business. Whether they’re serving customers, greeting guests, or making sure things are running smoothly behind the scenes, these deskless workers haven’t traditionally had the same easy access to communication delivered to your employees who work at a desk.

That’s all changed with Red e App, the only hospitality employee engagement app courageously committed to connecting the hospitality non-desk workforce to drive success for your entire hospitality organization.

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Keep your deskless hospitality team members and their managers seamlessly connected and always up to date with everything they need to know, when they need to know it, right from their mobile devices.

From new training videos to key business changes to health and safety oversight, Red e App helps you conquer the unique obstacles of hospitality’s non-desk battleground.

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Provide better guest experiences, thanks to well-informed employees

Well-informed employees are better equipped to serve your guests, customers, vendors, and partners. With Red e App, you can use group notifications to efficiently let your non-desk employees and their managers know about special events, activities, and important changes to everyday operations.

Case Study

Read how Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International used Red e App to crack the code on frontline employee engagement and streamline daily communication.


Expedite customer service requests

With direct, one-on-one digital communication, you empower every employee to reach out to managers and other departments to more quickly meet requests from guests, customers, vendors, and coworkers.

Because Red e App removes the hassles, wasted time, and confusion of swapping phone numbers, team members who have questions can quickly and efficiently reach subject matter experts across your company. The end result: a new and faster level of customer service.

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Streamline shift exchanges and schedules

Enable deskless champions and their managers to post open shifts for exchange in our hospitality employee engagement app. Managers save time. They no longer need to make phone calls, post non-targeted emails (and suffer the headaches of “Reply All” responses), or walk the entire building to fill shifts. In short, you ensure every shift will be fully staffed, quickly and efficiently, every time.

For employees, it means a stronger work-life balance with more efficient and connected scheduling flexibility.

We know hospitality’s communication needs.