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Our hospitality employee engagement app helps engaged non-desk
employees stay longer
and provide better
customer service.

High employee turnover reduces the quality of service customers receive, is expensive, and is a real issue for hotels/resorts and the hospitality industry. Study after study has shown that employee engagement can improve employee retention and reduce turnover. Red e App’s hospitality employee engagement app has proven over and over that we are uniquely able to create connection with your hard to engage non-desk workforce and improve morale, productivity, and retention.

The more dynamic your workforce, the more is required of your HR department. Red e App automates employee permissions saving you thousands of manual hours keeping your workforce up-to-date and connected.

Keep your hotel/resort non-desk employees and their managers seamlessly connected and always up to date with everything they need to know, when they need to know it, in real-time right from their mobile devices. From new training videos to promotions, or changes to health and safety oversight, Red e App helps boost employee morale, efficiency, and productivity in a very measurable way.

With totally configurable structures and broad automation of your everyday tasks, your life gets easier and your employees in every part of the organization are more empowered to deliver improved customer service.

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Red e App ensures better guest experiences, improved customer service, and streamlined shift changes.

Most of your team members spend most of their workday away from a desk — these are the non- desk champions that are the lifeblood of your hotel or resort. Whether they’re serving customers, greeting guests, or making sure things are running smoothly behind the scenes, these deskless workers haven’t traditionally had the same easy access to communication delivered to your employees who work at a desk. 

That’s all changed with Red e App, the only platform courageously committed to connecting the hospitality non-desk workforce to drive success for your entire hospitality organization..

Provide better guest experiences, thanks to well-informed employees

Well-informed employees are better equipped to serve your guests. With our hospitality employee engagement app, you can use group notifications to efficiently let your non-desk employees and their managers know about special events, activities, and important changes to everyday resort operations.

Keep your deskless hospitality team members and their managers seamlessly connected and always up to date with everything they need to know, when they need to know it, right from their mobile devices.

From new training videos to key business changes to health and safety oversight, Red e App helps you conquer the unique obstacles of hospitality’s non-desk battleground.


Expedite customer service requests

With direct, one-on-one digital communication, you empower every employee to reach out to managers and other departments to more quickly meet requests from guests, and coworkers.

Because Red e App removes the hassles, wasted time, and confusion of swapping phone numbers, team members who have questions can quickly and efficiently reach subject matter experts across your company. The end result: a new and faster level of customer service.


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Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos


  • Over 14,000 employees spread across the country, largest communication gap was between the hourly non-desk workforce which makes up roughly 75% of employees and their managers.
  • Also needed to create a unified way for corporate to talk to individual divisions of the company.
  • Survey results showed that communication was one of the top three aspects of work that employees wanted to see improved.

What Red e App Provided

  • 88% adoption rate, 97% read rate across all messages
  • Efficiently manage shift swaps and pickups, with over 400 shift swaps a month at some locations
  • Requests for repairs with photos of the problem are shared in real-time
  • Daily Soundchecks, messages sent daily at each property to let employees know what to expect that day, this may include: events, VIP information, adjusted hours of restaurants or other hotel news.
  • Access to job critical documentation, policy, workflow and compliance
  • Unprecedented visibility to company-wide engagement as well as management, location or business unit performance

“You’d be surprised how many people work for a company where they don’t know what’s going on. That gap in communication doesn’t exist here, thanks to Red e App.”

– Devin Francz, Training and Engagement Manager, Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos

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