The field of internal communications has gotten more complex in recent years with companies expanding their global reach, dealing with the beast of social media and becoming ever more aware of their corporate reputation.

Internal Communications 2015 provides an in-depth look at the challenges that internal communications professionals face and how leaders in the field have gone about solving these challenges. Among the topics discussed include:


green-checkHow to properly communicate with employees internationally.
green-checkHow to incorporate new forms of communication, such as video and social media, into an internal communications plan.
green-checkHow to effectively reach employees that do not haveaccess to corporate email.



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Trends of 2015

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Susan Cellura
“Once a leader sends an email out recapping the quarter, they may think that they are done. But the reality is that simply won’t cut it. We are not all attached to a laptop computer and internal communications managers have to make sure those people don’t feel cut off from the company.”





Mark Sutherland 

“Barriers of language and varying time zones not only create new problems, but can also exacerbate existing ones.”





David Zinger
“Now executives have to be more in the middle of the dialogue rather than at the top of a perch speaking down. The goal is to try to align the company’s people with the strategic goals of the organization.”





Gini Dietrich
“Unfortunately, a majority of executives think the best way to run a business is to not tell their teams anything, which leads to speculation and rumors.”