For more than a decade, Redeapp has pioneered disruptive technology in the Casinos & Gaming industry. This industry is primed for adoption of an operational infrastructure platform designed to connect through a personal mobile device. The profile of the typical casino worker – from table games to housekeeping to food and beverage – matches neatly with users of mobile-first, innovative technologies.

Connect 90%+ of your employees

Achieve real adoption and connection by meeting employees' practical, everyday needs. Hard Rock Sacramento opened in October of 2019 and from day one had connected to more than 1,200 of its employees through Redeapp. At the industry level, Redeapp boasts an 88% connection rate across all casinos using the platform, representing approximately 24,000 workers.

Foster work trust & engagement

Lay the groundwork for turning connection and communication into a positive, engaging, and measurable employee experience. In an industry where turnover averages hover around 80%, connectivity, experience, and engagement are key.

Improve operations and guest experiences

94%+ read-rates on communication ensure that your employees are closely connected to events, changes, and updates in real-time. Informed employees facilitate better guest experiences - creating an environment where guests will return again and again.

“From a training and engagement standpoint, I don’t know what I would do without [Redeapp]… The work environment has changed with the new requirements and restrictions, processes and protocols. In being able to communicate those changes, Redeapp has been central to our ability to make this happen.”

Devin Francz | Training & Engagement Manager @ Hard Rock Sacramento