Centralized communication for decentralized organizations

Centralized Communication

Send real-time notifications to every associate at once, or target messages to specific employee groups, a single group, or an entire region. With auto-updated distribution lists, you can send employees relevant, timely messages with analytics to help you understand if/when employees are getting the message.

Quality work, on time every time

Quality work

Send training videos, alert employees of near-miss incidents, and notify your workforce in high-risk situations such as natural disasters. Businesses spend $170 billion each year on occupational illnesses and injuries. Having healthy, educated, well-trained, and informed employees starts and ends with better communication.

Get the best ideas - directly from employees

Get the best ideas

Associates in the field know your processes, equipment, and jobs better than anyone else in your company. This workforce is an untapped resource for innovation and ideas. 2-way communication in Red e App allows you to get feedback directly from frontline workers.