Ensure compliance

If you aren't providing your clinical staff with a secure method of communications, you could be at risk. Red e App empowers your associates to communicate with the speed and simplicity of text messaging, while ensuring that text, photos, and other media are delivered securely with encryptions and protections in place for HIPAA compliance.

Expedite patient care

Whether your team is all in a single building, or spread across your region, reaching a staff member in real-time provides instant value to your patients. Notify caregivers instantly with changes to a patient's health or treatment plan. Eliminate unnecessary in-home visits and ensure nurses have the most up-to-date information.

Minimize crisis risk

Broadcast key alerts to your entire organization, especially your non-desk workforce so they are aware of security threats, lockdowns, and/or contamination risks. Put reference documents for crisis procedures in their pockets with easy-access files + content. Reach your employees who are at work, as well as those who are off-site or at home to be sure employees don't report to work if the situation is unsafe.