Centralized communicaiton for decentralized organizations

Centralized Communication

Send real-time notifications to every associate at once, or target messages to specific employee groups, a single group, or an entire region. With auto-updated distribution lists, you can send employees relevant, timely messages with analytics to help you understand if/when employees are getting the message.

Coordinate changes and troubleshoot with ease

Changes and Troubleshoot

Send photos of damaged shipments and make plans to correct issues within minutes. Use reply-all groups with leadership for crisis management, and instantly reach dispersed employees with updates and changes.

Streamline shift exchanges and schedules

Shift Exchanges and Schedules

Enable managers and employees to post open shifts for exchange in Red e App. Managers save time because they no longer have to make phone calls to fill shifts, helping ensure that your workforce is fully staffed and ready to handle labor fluctuations. Additionally, employees benefit from a stronger work-life balance with schedule flexiblity.