Algood Food Implements Redeapp, with HealthePassport, to Manage COVID-19

Algood Food Implements Redeapp, with HealthePassport, to Manage COVID-19 - Red e App

LOUISVILLE, Ky., October 10, 2020 – Algood Food Company, one of the country’s premier packers of private label peanut butter, jellies, and preserves, has partnered with Redeapp, the leader in workforce performance for businesses relying on non-desk workers, to provide a workforce communication and health management platform that continues to keep employees safe and business running despite the challenges of operating during COVID-19.

Algood depends on the manufacturing floor running, which necessitates a safe, clean environment for the packaging of food – and a quick, efficient way to communicate information with the more than 300 non-desk employees who don’t have corporate email addresses.

In a matter of just weeks, Redeapp’s usage among employees reached nearly 80 percent, allowing structured, efficient communications between management and employees on the manufacturing floor.

“The pandemic brought a set of challenges to our business that we’d never experienced, most prominent of which being communications with our entire workforce, and health management needs to keep all of our employees safe,” said Kelly Zeilman, Vice President of Human Resources at Algood. “It was critical to keep our operations going, and Redeapp allowed us to solve for both through their mobile workforce performance platform and comprehensive health management feature.”

A core component of the platform is Redeapp’s HealthePassport, which has turned a time-intensive, manual process for managing health updates into an automated one that allows quicker entry to work and reduced drain on supervisors.

Employees complete daily wellness checks through the app and show a “passport” screen at the entrance to work. If their passport shows green, they are safe to enter the building and work. If their passport shows yellow or red, supervisors are notified immediately to manage the situation. The platform also allows Algood to notify employees immediately if they have been exposed to COVID-19, as well as to keep track of those employees who have been traveling.

Redeapp is the leader in mobile workforce performance, relying on a proprietary and highly structured corporate directory workflow engine to create secure, private, and relevant connections between employers, managers, and employees. Founded in 2011, it was purpose-built for those businesses that have a significant number of employees who don’t work at a desk and require dedicated, mobile-first platforms to communicate. Global and regional companies, particularly in healthcare, hospitality manufacturing, and retail, have adopted the platform to realize better access, transparency, and work trust that optimizes productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Available in the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit

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