Engineering News Record: Health Check-In Apps Seen as Key Way to Limit Viral Outbreaks on Jobsites

Redeapp was recently featured in Engineering News-Record, highlighting tools for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the construction industry. This post is an excerpt from the full article, authored by Jeff Rubenstone. Content has been edited for clarity.

Engineering News Record: Health Check-In Apps Seen as Key Way to Limit Viral Outbreaks on Jobsites - Red e App

“Arriving at a job site during the COVID-19 pandemic has seen familiar sign-in sheets and fast-moving turnstiles replaced by infrared temperature checks and updated PPE briefings.

But many contractors are also turning to online health surveys at points of entry to speed the screening process and help reduce the likelihood of a person who is feeling ill from coming onto the site.

Adapting Existing Software for Virus-Containment

For larger GCs however, working a COVID-19 screening process into their existing workforce-management platforms is a problem that needs to be tackled now, says Jonathan Erwin, CEO, and founder of Red e App. The Louisville-based software maker has been developing a workforce management app for nearly a decade aimed at industries with large, dispersed groups of employees, including construction, mining, and healthcare.

“The unconnected worker does not sit at a desk,” says Erwin. “Our platform is mobile-first, designed to connect employees with communication across job sites, whether they’re across a parking lot or across the country.”

[Redeapp] has been used on several massive projects with multiple layers of subcontractors and thousands of workers. Bechtel has deployed Redeapp on both a major copper mine in Chile and on the sprawling Plant Vogtle nuclear project in Georgia.

Redeapp is primarily used for communication – whether about scheduling, forms, rain-outs, safety protocols, or jobsite changes. But the COVID-19 crisis presented a challenge for Erwin and his team, who realized that there was a need to monitor the health of workers as well.

“We had customers whose employees were scared to come to work,” recalls Erwin. “In just three weeks we had a new platform that could not only accept intakes of health declarations, but users could also upload positive [COVID-19] tests.”

Erwin says the new part of Redeapp, called HealthePassport, is fully live within the app.

Read the full article at Engineering News-Record.

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