Enterprise communication without the equipment

All Employees, Anywhere

In the field? On the floor? At your fingertips.

Communicate with all employees, even those without @company email. Red e App connects all employees to the company, allowing easy and efficient communication between the entire organization, small teams, and every group in-between.

Security + Compliance

Keep your company’s communication secure.

Disperse information securely while ensuring company compliance. Everything within Red e App is encrypted to keep your company’s messages and documents secure. Read receipts enhance employee accountability and ensures compliance.

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Mobile Documents

Put important documents into their pockets.

Deliver remote access to relevant company files. Important HR documents, work schedules, company bulletins and more can be safely stored on Red e App for employee viewing.

Reply All Evolved

Send mass messages, minus the mayhem.

Foster feedback from employees without impeding your inbox. Avoiding the inbox abyss altogether, Red e App creates direct conversation between the employee and their organization instead of a reply all free-for-all.

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HR Auto-Sync

Automate and update at the same time.

Red e App syncs with your HR system to automate employee onboarding. Should an employee leave, your network automagically revokes their access and remotely wipes company data from their app.

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Optimize and approve shift swapping.

Enabling our Shifts feature allows employees to trade shifts with one another inside of Red e App. Managers then have the ability to approve with one button, saving stress and time.

Manage Change Faster

Make data driven decisions with your workforce.

Effectively optimize change management across your organization using our powerful admin tools, designed with managers in mind.

Access to an exclusive admin portal gives managers powerful messaging tools capable of targeted communications. In-depth analytics ensures you optimize employee engagement.

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24/7 Support

We’re here for you and your company.

Let our dedicated support team solve any employee tech issues. Our seasoned Success teams will personally roll out Red e App to your workforce. We’re also available around-the-clock to help you or your employees with any questions.

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