10 best ways to use mobile to engage employees

Red e App recently teamed up with Ragan Communications to list the 10 best ways to use mobile to engage employees (download the PDF).

Mobile is so ingrained in daily life that if you’re trying to reach employees—whether in the office, at home or in transit—it might as well be your only channel.

The pervasiveness of mobile communications means that if you want employees to pay attention to your messages, mobile is a must. The issue … you’re competing for their attention among the millions of posts, videos, pictures, texts and more created every 60 seconds.

In addition to attention, your real estate is limited and mobile is consumed in small bites. Download the tip sheet to learn 10 tips for optimizing your mobile communications, such as:

  • Mix up your content topics. A variety of topics keeps employees interested.
  • Attract readers through events and giveaways. Employees don’t want to be left out of an offer for free tickets or a contest.
  • Create copy that scans easily. Utilize font color, lists and short sentences.
  • Measure. Look for trends and make adjustments
  • Be human. Emulate the popular media that people like to read.

Leslie Hankins of Red e App hosted a webinar discussing the tip sheet and adding some insights of our own.

View the webinar replay here.

Topics discussed:

  • How to make sure employees notice your mobile messages
  • The ideal length for messages
  • The limit for topics per message
  • The role of visuals, facts and stats

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