10 times your company will wish it had Red e App for that


Let’s face it: We don’t always know when good — or bad — company news will hit. If companies could anticipate every operations emergency, incident of shout-out worthy employee behavior, or time-sensitive change in policy, then . . . a lot of internal communicators wouldn’t have jobs.

Fortunately for them, there’s no communications crystal ball with optional calendar plug-in — as amazing as that would be. Yay, job security! But even the most seasoned pros can’t get the right message out to the people who need it without a direct and established channel.

Here, the top 10 times your company is going to wish it had Red e App for that — don’t let even one happen to you.

1. Punxsutawney Phil lies again and winter not only lingers but straight shuts down your facility.


2. You were going to get those open enrollment packets out in hard copy form by the deadline . . . but your stapler is on the fritz (again).


3. Your CEO’s big announcement would play so well in video . . . but a dull letter posted to a cork board is the best option you’ve got.


4. After you post it, everyone’s like, what announcement? Where was that? Are you sure you told us?


5. And then a recent merger will make long-term growth basically inevitable . . . but the frontline doesn’t know that, so they’re panicked about their job security.


6. Meantime, a presidential contender comes to town, shuts down traffic, no alternate route in sight. Your employees are late getting to work . . . or getting home.


7. Your employees with @company email love hearing about big wins and successes . . . but the disconnected part of your team suffers from low morale.


8. You were kind of worried that this might happen when you started the year without a solid internal comms tool, because you’re a pro and you know that every employee needs real-time company news and information.


9. There had to be a better way.


10. But you let the communications hurdles continue to trip you up . . . because that was the way it had always been done.


This doesn’t have to — and shouldn’t! — sound familiar. Red e App can eliminate every one of these pain points from your day-to-day communications reality, starting tomorrow. Disconnected employees and hurdle injuries (ouch) are not the new normal — let’s talk.

Jenny McLendon | Account Director

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