10 ways to reach non-desk employees

Red e App recently teamed up with Ragan Communications to produce a list of tips on 10 ways to reach non-desk employees (download the PDF).

Nurses, bartenders, cashiers, factory workers and others can be hard to reach. So how do you contact and inform employees who aren’t sitting at a computer?

Reaching non-desk employees is essential in dispersed organizations. The secret, though, isn’t just using technological tricks such as responsive design for mobile, but also giving workers the information they need in whatever way they want to receive it.

Download the tip sheet from Ragan and Red e App, and you’ll learn ten tips from experts and communicators, such as:

  • Make it mobile. Your internal communications should easily run on any device on multiple platforms for employees on the go.
  • Provide documents digitally. Find out how JustFab provides access to documents, including benefits information, as well as ways to send company announcements such as messages.
  • Work your theme. Find out how an airline creatively used a fake “boarding pass” to grab employees’ attention.
  • Livestream town halls. If this works for the National Park Service, it will work for your dispersed staff.
  • Empower individuals to share images and video. There’s no more banning video by employees. Find out why.

10 ways to reach non desk employees on demand webinar

Hannah Beasley of Red e App hosted a webinar discussing the tip sheet and adding some insights of our own. Watch the webinar replay.

Topics discussed:

  • The impact that mobile and digital channels can have on communicating with a previously hard-to-reach workforce
  • The importance of providing high-quality content
  • How to build a strategy and theme
  • Empowering employees to share content
  • Recommendations if mobile is not a good fit

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