3 ways to recruit top-notch hourly employees

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Job PostsFinding the right hourly employees to join your team isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright tough, especially when there’s a need to fill a position quickly to avoid a hiccup in operations.

‘Where are all the qualified applicants?’ you might think as you review responses to a job posting. ‘Aren’t there workers with these skills looking for this type of position?’

Of course there are. But if you’re like many companies, you aren’t focusing your recruitment efforts in the right location or on creating job postings that grab the interest of the candidates you want.

This isn’t because identifying the right channels or verbiage is impossible. In fact, you’re likely investing quite a bit into doing these things to attract customers. However, many companies don’t devote similar effort to landing top talent. And ultimately, they pay the price in turnover and productivity.

Fortunately, there are a few simple, inexpensive ways you can revamp your recruiting strategy to dramatically improve the quality and number of applications you receive.

  • Mobile, mobile, mobile. This isn’t just a great channel to reach hourly workers after you’ve hired them – mobile is also a proven means of finding candidates in the first place. Job seekers are increasingly searching for work via their mobile devices. According to Fast Casual, more than half of all applications are currently submitted from a mobile device. Make sure your postings and application software are mobile-friendly. Otherwise, many job seekers may skip over your opportunity for one that’s easier to access.
  • Use real language, not lingo. People won’t apply for a job if they don’t know what it actually is or whether they’re qualified to do it. If you need a “Dog Groomer,” don’t advertise for a “Canine Image Enhancement Specialist.” What is that? I don’t know, and potential employees won’t either. Even if you use company-specific titles or descriptions internally, save them for onboarding. Be clear in job postings.
  • Highlight what you have to offer. Companies can become so focused on what they need in a prospective employee that they fail to share the perks or opportunity they can provide. Do you have flexible schedule options? Say so! Is there room for advancement through a given role? By all means, point it out. Again, you’re looking to stand out from the competition just as you do in your customer marketing efforts. If you want great employees, help them understand what makes you a great employer.

The “work” part of the recruiting process should begin after the right candidate has been hired and actually starts the job … not as he/she is trying to navigate how to submit an application or decipher what a role description means.

By implementing the tips above, you can make hiring hourly employees easier on everyone involved and, as your turnover rate drops, have the need to do it much less frequently.

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