Hourly employees want to be more involved, 5 ways to encourage them

We recently took an in-depth look at hourly employee job satisfaction based on size of company, industry, and length of service. Satisfaction has shown to directly correlate to an employee’s positive attitude towards communication, tenure and compensation.

We wrap-up this attitudinal series of the Profile of the Hourly Worker by examining the effect of education level on employee engagement, specifically an employee’s commitment to product quality and customer service and his/her desire to help shape the company culture.

We asked, “Does education level influence an employee’s commitment to product quality and customer service?”

The answer is a very confident, no! All 5 education levels we surveyed indicated that over 85% feel they are responsible for product quality or customer service. Indicating that employees at every level of the organization are committed to their individual performance and that of the company’s.

Education Level

Employees at all education levels also indicate that they want to be more involved with the company. Seek out these employees in your organization. They will help you cultivate culture and get their peers involved. They are also great candidates to be a brand ambassadors – what better referral for your products and services than an employee.

Education Level

We recommend giving employees the information, support and tools to further enhance their commitment to the organization.

Our research indicates that your employees, although hourly and not able to participate in all corporate initiatives, feel responsible and want to be more involved. Here are a few ideas:

  • Measure and reward employees for meeting individual and corporate product quality and customer service goals
  • Give them access to real-time company analytics (help them understand the correlation between their work and overall company performance) 
  • Inform them of marketing initiatives they can share with friends and family
  • Include hourly employees on corporate initiative teams
  • Provide them a way to digitally connect and communicate with managers

Editor’s Note: Profile of the Hourly Worker’s first report, Demographics, Devices and Disconnection, was released in November 2015. It is an independent survey conducted by Edison Research on behalf of Red e App to discover insights and details about the United States’ hourly workforce.

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