7 tips to improve internal communication with mobile tech

Mobile TechEmployees are always on the move in the hospitality industry. Internal communications can be difficult because of the constant movement as well as the different job functions that each employee faces every day. What is the best way to get an urgent announcement to a room keeper? Or how do you let your staff know a high roller just checked in to the casino? Or make sure your managers know your corporate announcements about a merger before the media does? Hospitality Technology thinks that mobile technology is the best medium to ensure that the right message always gets to the right group in a timely manner, so they interviewed Red e App CEO Jonathan Erwin to gather some tips on 7 Tips to Improve Internal Communication with Mobile Tech:

1. Enable managers to communicate easily to local staff. New mobile-based technology tools allow managers to quickly and effectively communicate with hospitality staff through mobile devices. For example, managers can easily stay in contact with housekeeping to let them know about late checkouts or special requests in real time.

 2. Embrace BYOD. Combining a communication platform works well with a lenient bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy that allows staff to access company messaging through their own personal phone (some solutions feature remote wiping of company data). It’s rare for housekeeping and maintenance staff to have corporate email addresses, so a different distribution method is needed. Many younger staff members in the millennial generation are using their phones throughout the day, so capitalize on this usage by introducing company messaging.

3. Post training material electronically. Setup an intranet for simple dissemination of video and image content, instead of using printed flyers in the break room which will likely be ignored. Training content such as tips on proper room cleaning, or even how to use the reservations systems is ideally suited to video formats, and should be easily shared through mobile devices. The communications should be very clear, and include hard deadlines for when any new procedures are expected to be in place. Use “read receipts” to confirm the employee views the message in order to keep them accountable.

For the other 4 tips, read more here.

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