7 ways to recognize your employees on Employee Appreciation Day

Appreciation InfographicEmployee Appreciation Day is March 6th, and we’ve compiled 7 creative ways to recognize your employees based on Red e App customer messages.

  1. Anniversary
  2. Compliance reward
  3. Recognition
  4. Fundraising
  5. Holidays
  6. Attendance
  7. Acts of kindness

Whether the recognition is public through a message to all employees, or a personal “Thank you for your hard work” note, a little recognition can go a long way in inspiring your employees to be invested in the success of your company.

To give you some ideas, access the infographic for our clients’ best practices for appreciating employees through Red e App.

Click the image for the high resolution infographic with 7 examples and tips. Share your recognition ideas in the comments below or with us via social.


Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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