80% read rates of internal communications? We make it easy to achieve.

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80% read rates of internal communications? We make it easy to achieve.

Employee communication tools built on the old social media platforms consisting of channels and feeds will not provide the read rates and meaningful connection with non-desk employees that companies need. These “social” messaging platforms can become disruptive and overwhelming for frontline employees if the messages they receive lack personal relevance. This broad-blast approach to communication, commonly referred to as “spray and pray,” bombards users with large volumes of messaging, most of which are irrelevant to them. As a result, they either ignore communications or stop using the platform altogether. According to SHRM the average worker is distracted 14 times a day by e-mail or instant messages.

One solution to this problem is to use structured mobile communication that automatically adjusts messaging. Structured mobile communication is an employee engagement engine that utilizes machine learning and algorithms to permission and personalize the messages that users receive. This structuring eliminates noise, increases read rates, and ensures that messages are relevant to each employee. This permission is achieved by analyzing employee data, such as their title, location, team, and work project, to determine what messages or alerts they need to receive.

Structured mobile communication has many advantages over traditional channels and feeds. First, it increases the relevance of users’ messages, leading to higher engagement and retention. Second, it can reduce the number of irrelevant messages that users receive, reducing user frustration, improving the overall user experience and dramatically increasing read rates. Finally, it can help to increase user loyalty and satisfaction with the platform (at Red e App, we have over 85% read rates!), which is proven to increase productivity.

High read rates are tied directly to meaningful communication

Here are seven reasons why using Red e Apps’ highly structured communication with Shelbe.AI is a better solution for communication versus channels and feeds:

  1. Enhances safety: Hourly employees who work with their hands, tools, machines, patients, and customers need highly structured mobile communication without the distraction of feeds and channels. In these scenarios, the constant influx of irrelevant messages can lower read rates, distract and disorient the worker, causing inefficiencies and safety hazards.
  2. Increases productivity: When mobile communication is highly structured, it eliminates the need for employees to constantly check feeds and channels, allowing them to focus on the task at hand and increase productivity.
  3. Meets specific needs of industry: Work communication differs from social media and requires a solution built around the workers’ needs, not built off an existing social platform. A tailored solution can meet the industry’s specific needs and make it easier for employees to communicate and perform their tasks.
  4. Improves workflow: A solution tailored to the specific industry can ensure that the communication is integrated seamlessly into the workflow, eliminating the need for employees to constantly switch between apps, increasing efficiency, and reducing errors.
  5. Provides accountability: In industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics, employers need to have responsibility for communication, i.e., to know who said what, when, to whom, and for what purpose. A tailored solution can provide this accountability.
  6. Improves communication with remote teams: Many employees work remotely, including working at job sites and visiting patients at home; a tailored solution can ensure that communication between remote teams is efficient and seamless, improving collaboration and productivity.
  7. Keeps sensitive information secure: Employees working in sensitive or regulated industries must ensure that communication is safe, and that sensitive information is not shared with unauthorized parties. A solution built for work communication like Red e App has security measures to protect data and is HIPAA compliant.

In summary, hourly employees who work with their hands, tools, machines, patients, and customers need highly structured mobile communication without the distraction of feeds and channels. A solution built around the workers’ needs, not built off of an existing social platform, can meet the industry’s specific needs and increase read rates. A platform like Red e App will raise productivity, improve workflow, provide accountability, and improve communication with hourly employees and remote teams.

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