A year in the making

One year ago seems like yesterday. Cool to see a drawing take the shape of a very formidable play in the mobile market, allowing people to reach audiences in a very unique way. We continue to be committed to “lean messaging” that drives value, action and efficiency.


Our consumer-driven mantra: Just tell us what we need to know and when it’s Red e!  

Messaging when, where and how the consumer wants it. And by the way, it’s not just a mobile software platform creating bridges to mobile devices and consumers. This company is about committed people who believe.

The Red e team, as you can imagine, has access to every conceivable communication channel available to our data hungry brains. We’ve tweeted, been booked, mailed, texted, IM’d, shouted, chattered, yammered, liked and disliked – and we still love Red e!

Efficiency in simplicity. Thanks for a great year everyone!

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