Accessing a private mobile network without a corporate email address

A big problem for large enterprise companies is ensuring that only active employees are allowed access to company technology intranets and and platforms. Managing 50 or so employees in a database isn’t always easy. How about managing access information for 500 or maybe 50,000 employees? Generally the de facto choice for authentication or access has been a company email address and password. This is clearly the most viable solution when an employee is issued a company email address by the IT department after finalizing all the HR paperwork. Yet, what about employees who don’t have a company email address?

Providing access to a private mobile network inside of Red e App without using a company email address is the first half of the equation. See our No corporate email address required blog post, if you haven’t already read it.

Red e App Access
Red e App Access

The second half of the equation is how to remove someone quickly after the employee has left the organization. The method we use is called Red e Key. Since the vast majority of non-desk / mobile employees don’t (and won’t) have a company email address, we had to find a solution that would not include email or even a mobile number. Red e Key is a unique, alpha-numeric code specific for each employee, such as employee ID.  We can quickly generate them, if you do not have a unique ID assigned to each employee. Additionally, the Red e App platform supports both manual and API versions of Red e Key integration so no matter the size of your enterprise or use of existing people management software, we have designed Red e App for both the small and large enterprise.

If you’d like to see Red e App in action,  let us know and we’ll setup a demo for you and your team.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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