Always innovate, beware of habits

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It is easy to get stuck in a routine. Humans love habit, so much in fact that 45% of people’s daily actions are habit. We like them for good reason: habits are efficient, and thousands of years ago when energy was the difference between life and death, efficiency was good.

Efficiency is still good, and there is nothing wrong with good habit. But marketers must beware, getting stuck in a work routine is a trap. Why? Because if you’re maximizing efficiency, your brain is stagnant.

Every day things change in marketing. Every move as a marketer has to be deliberate, with a goal in mind. That is why it is good to force yourself to draw back and look at the big picture. Your mind will rebel, but it is necessary.

One thing the marketing team here at Red e App does to break routine and look at the world around us is occasionally attend a summit or seminar. Recently, we went to the Louisville Digital Association’s 6th annual Louisville Digital Media Summit and it was a great experience.

The keynote speaker, Rick Murray, has been a digital marketer since day one and built Edelman Digital into a global PR powerhouse. When experts make bets, it is best to listen.

Here are some of the things Rick is betting on:

  1. Agile goes viral. If you aren’t developing in an agile manner, start now.
  2. Every company is a tech company. You can no longer succeed if you ignore digital channels and the impact of mobile on the world.
  3. Private communities are what is important. It is better to have 100,000 super followers that engage and talk about your brand than 1,000,000 followers that are unengaged.

Another bet of his? Buy stock in Hubspot. Listening to Rick Murray is already paying dividends: As of today I have made $6 a share.

Kyle LacyAmazon graph was another great speaker we heard, and he made us acutely aware of how quickly the world is changing.

If you stop innovating for just a second, someone else will jump in and win.

Look at Amazon: Their revenue has increased exponentially while their net income has stayed the same. This means that they are using every extra dollar to invest in something new.

There is a lot of data out there, and one thing you can do with your data is personalize your brand and marketing. According to Salesforce Exact Marketing Cloud there is a 12%-25% increase in sales if the transactional message includes personalized product recommendations. Data equals relevance and beats opinion, so it is time to start using it correctly.

Marketers have to stay on their toes. If you aren’t, your competition will be. Beware of habit.

Ryson Walden
Marketing Coordinator

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